Inside Out

As a society so often consumed with outward appearances and notions of physical beauty, it is easy to forget to appreciate our ‘insides’. In this exhibition, delicate hand cut paper works will seek to bring the inside out and emphasise the inherent beauty of the body, in all its parts and forms.


Venue: The Wheatsheaf Hotel

Opening night – Thursday 7 March, 6pm – 8pm

Exhibition open from 8 – 31 March

In this exhibition, emerging artists Janaki Lele and Ellen Schlobohm explore cultural and personal connections to paper art and papercutting. These art forms have evolved under different styles within many cultures the world over, and the artists reflect on these traditions through their respective heritages, cultural identities and experiences. Creating intricate and beautiful contemporary works that re-imagine the papercutting traditions of Sanjhi (India) and Scherenschnitte (Germany), in the artists will invite audiences to share in their skills and passion for paper.

Opening February 14 at 6pm at Nexus Arts

February 15 – March 22
Open Tuesday – Friday, 9am – 5pm